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With over 25 years in analytics, Numerical Insights has completed analytical projects in human resources, supply chain, operations, and engineering. Having experience in multiple functional areas has yielded the ability to see the broader implications of these analyses to the entire business.

Today’s businesses compete on data and information and most companies have a vast amount of untapped data spread throughout the organization.


Product rationalization is the effort to reduce the number of products being offered by a company which can, in turn, reduce inventory quantities and the supply base. Products are analyzed by profit contribution, life cycle and customer priority.

Customer rationalization is the effort to reduce the number of customers or alter the service levels of customers generally to reduce negative profits. Customers are analyzed by profit contribution, historical revenue patterns and resource usage.

Numerical insights has helped companies gain insights into their own data in order to:

Case Study: Numerical Insights recently built a real-time dashboard for a product distributor with the ability to drill into product groups, customer groups and inventory rates of sale.

The extensive experience of Numerical Insights in data analytics allows us to provide focused and "technology independent" analysis services to help you use data for better decision making. Whether its analyzing customer demand patterns, factory production, workforce demographics or termination patterns, Numerical Insights can help. We can also create fully branded analytics web sites for your customers or suppliers to access.

The possible application of analytics to any business is vast. Here are just a few project examples. 

  • Determine which products or customers contribute the most to your profit

  • Assess which zip codes have yielded the greatest customer base

  • Spend analysis for purchasing department cost savings and supply base consolidation

  • Historical product demand and variation analysis (volatility of ordering)

  • Workforce analytics, headcount planning

  • Healthcare needs analysis (survey analysis)

  • Customized data visualizations using the latest BI tools

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As Vice President of Human Resources at FedEx, I had the privilege of working with Tracey on a number of critical projects involving workforce planning and organizational design. With her expert knowledge of analytics and project management, Tracey was an invaluable resource and her work product and efforts were instrumental in our decision making. She possesses a strong passion for her work along with diligence and a great work ethic. I am pleased to see her move into this critical business realm involving HR analytics which is so vital in today’s business environment and future workforce planning initiatives and where her leadership and expertise will be on display.
— Dennis Roche Vice President Human Resources FedEx Express, USA