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HR Analytics

The Strategy of Metrics eBook by Numerical Insights LLC. This is a quick, 8-page read to clarify measures, metrics and KPIs. In addition, this document provides advice on selecting metrics.

Human Resources is an area that is quickly adopting the use of analytics for decision-making. At Numerical Insights, our President has been recognized as one of the "Top 15 HR Analytics Experts to Follow in 2017" and one of the "Top 50 Global Influencers" in this topic.

At Numerical Insights, we know the challenges you face in Human Resources because we've worked in HR.

  • HR is being challenged to show value
  • HR data is spread across multiple systems
  • HR doesn't have the credibility of "being good with numbers"
  • HR Analysts don't have the business acumen required to "focus on what matters" 

Numerical Insights can help...

  • Design online dashboards to put HR data in front of the people that need it for decision-making
  • Design and conduct custom analyses to answer key business questions impacting HR
  • Design a custom HR Analytics Roadmap to take you from your current state to cutting edge
  • Conduct HR Analytics workshops to educate HR on thinking analytically (by request only)

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We can help you use data to answer key business questions. To start a conversation, click here for our Contact Us page or simply call us.

Business Analytics

With over 25 years in analytics, Numerical Insights has completed analytical projects in human resources, supply chain, operations, and engineering. Having experience in multiple functional areas has yielded the ability to see the broader implications of these analyses to the entire business.

We live in a knowledge economy. We analyze information to gain competitive advantage through data-driven decision making. Most companies have a vast amount of untapped data spread throughout the organization. Business Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) help companies eliminate guess work and gut feel decision making. It can improve cooperation among departments and enable companies to respond quickly to movement in the data. 

The extensive experience of Numerical Insights in data analytics allows us to provide focused and "technology independent" analysis services to help you use data for better decision making. Whether its analyzing customer demand patterns, factory production, workforce demographics or termination patterns, Numerical Insights can help.

The possible application of analytics to any business is vast. Here are just a few project examples. 

  • Determine which products or customers contribute the most to your profit
  • Assess which zip codes have yielded the greatest customer base
  • Spend analysis for purchasing departments
  • Historical product demand and variation analysis
  • Workforce analytics, headcount planning
  • Healthcare needs analysis
  • Customized data visualizations using the latest BI tools

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We can help you use data to answer key business questions. To start a conversation, click here for our Contact Us page or simply call us.