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We turn data into improved business results

Numerical Insights LLC formed in 2013 when its president, Tracey Smith, decided to use her passion for data, mathematics and analytics to help other owners improve their business, improve profit and understand their workforce. Teaming up with experts in IT, mathematics, data visualization and statistics, Numerical Insights has helped many well-known and little-known companies use data to solve challenges and improve business performance.

Numerical Insights works with businesses to analyze product data, customer data, supply chain data and HR data. We also offer on-site and online classes to teach professionals and business owners how to use data analysis to improve profit, improve cash flow, assess drivers of safety incidents and improving the diversity and equity of the workforce.






I worked with Tracey on a workforce analysis project for our global Adidas Group HQ locations. I had read her book on Strategic Workforce Planning and knew that she would bring a wealth of practical experience and subject matter expertise to what we were trying to achieve. Tracey is HIGHLY reliable, academically sound in her methodology, a master in her field, extremely fast in turning things around and most importantly for us – pragmatic and flexible in her approach. She also offered insights and recommendations that went beyond the agreed project scope which I highly appreciated. I truly enjoyed working with her and recommend her wholeheartedly as a business partner. Insights has been invaluable to two of our projects now. Her ability has been to identify what we needed and then complete that on-time with great precision and accuracy. A joy to work with, and highly recommended.
— Aki Ben-Ezra, Director VP HR Strategy, Adidas Group Herzo, GERMANY

Here are few analytics project examples to show how to use business analytics, HR analytics and Supply Chain analytics to solve real-world business challenges:

For Business Owners and Leaders:

  • Assess product profitability to reduce under-performing product offerings

  • Create dashboards / online portals to view critical KPIs and detailed data to improve inventory management

  • Determine the most urgent KPIs (key performance indicators) to drive business performance

  • Assess customer profitability to assign varying levels of customer relationship management

For Human Resources:

  • Assessment of hiring, promotion and pay fairness across gender and minority status (diversity analysis)

  • Determine the most important KPIs (key performance indicators) to drive performance and internal customer satisfaction

  • Create custom dashboards to put critical workforce data in the hands of HR and front line managers

  • Conduct analysis to ensure that workforce reductions don't violate "adverse impact" guidelines

For Supply Chain / Procurement:

  • Free up cash flow by optimizing your inventory relative to customer order and demand patterns

  • Analyze your purchasing spend for cost saving opportunities

  • Assess supplier delivery performance (variation and adherence to contract terms)

We understand many of the challenges that companies face today because our team members have been there. Whether your challenges are in operations, manufacturing, inventory, marketing, product demand or human resources, Numerical Insights will help you clearly define your issues and work with you to implement the right analytical solution. 



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We can help you use data to answer key business questions. To start a conversation with us, either fill in the form on our CONTACT page or telephone us.

Who We Support

  • Medium and large-sized businesses

  • Business owners

  • Human Resource teams

  • Procurement and supply chain professionals

  • Operations

  • Executive and leadership teams

Why Numerical Insights?

  • We have a solid methodology for approaching business challenges.

  • We provide personalized and customized service.

  • We have 25+ years of experience in analytics, HR, supply chain, manufacturing and engineering.

We Listen

When you engage with Numerical Insights, we begin by listening. We want to fully understand the problems you face before we propose an approach to a solution. We want to know, as business owners and leaders, what keeps you up at night?