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HR Analytics

This HR Analytics book is intended to educate those that are not familiar with HR Analytics and who do not have a numbers background. It is useful for educating HRBPs or HR leaders who are unfamiliar with analytics.

In the past few years, the topic of gender gap has received great focus in the news. Unfortunately, there is often a large difference between fact and opinions. This document aims to present scientific research on gender gaps to provide companies with a better guide into the absence of women in certain professions and leadership positions. Armed with this knowledge, companies can align their diversity goals to realistic expectations.

The Strategy of Metrics eBook by Tracey Smith is a quick reference guide to clarify measures, metrics and KPIs. In addition, this document provides advice on selecting metrics.

HR and people Analytics

Human Resources is an area that is rapidly adopting the use of analytics for decision-making. At Numerical Insights, our President has been recognized as one of the "Top 15 HR Analytics Experts to Follow" in 2017 and 2018 and one of the "Top 50 Global Influencers" in this topic. 

Analytics in Human Resources is currently referred to by several names which all represent the same field of analytics: HR analytics, people analytics, workforce analytics and talent analytics are just a few of the names you'll hear.

At Numerical Insights, we know the challenges you face in Human Resources because we've worked in HR.

  • HR is being challenged to show value

  • HR data is spread across multiple systems that don't talk to each other

  • HR doesn't have a reputation of "being good with numbers," so credibility needs to be built

  • Many HR employees don't have the high experience level required to develop business acumen. This acumen provides the ability to "focus on what matters" in order to yield results that other business areas value.

Numerical Insights can help...

  • Design and conduct custom analyses to answer key business questions impacting HR

  • Design and create online data portals to put HR data in front of the people that need it for decision-making

  • Create a custom HR Analytics Roadmap to take you from your current state to cutting edge

  • Conduct customized HR Analytics workshops to educate HR on thinking analytically


diversity analytics and Adverse Impact analysis

Numerical Insights has conducted scientific research and analytical studies for clients with a focus on diversity (gender and ethnicity). These studies focus on the gender gap and the fairness of the job application process, hiring, promotions and terminations. We use established statistical methods to test the fairness of processes in Human Resources . These analyses also help companies make better decisions regarding diversity initiatives for the many companies seeking to attract more women into leadership roles and STEM careers.

In addition, Numerical Insights has helped clients tell the story of their gender pay gap reporting and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting. By the nature of the formulas being reported, technology and STEM-based companies will have a substantial gap. At Numerical Insights, we use statistical processes to clearly explain why those gaps exist and in doing so, providing companies with the ability to be transparent with their employees on this topic.

Numerical Insights has also assisted companies with the calculations associated with adverse impact analysis. In large companies especially, the rapid change of needed skill sets sometimes makes a job role or area of the company redundant. We help companies conduct an impact analysis to determine whether any specific employee group will be adversely affected.

customized workshops

Numerical Insights can provide customized workshops on the topic of HR-People Analytics to beginner level audiences for the same cost of signing your team up for a program where you have no ability to choose the content. Contact Numerical Insights today to talk about what your team would like to learn. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Data privacy and protection

  • Adverse impact analysis / RIFs (reductions in force)

  • Metrics and analytics

  • Strategic workforce planning

  • Analytical tools (dashboards, statistical tools)

Strategic workforce planning

Strategic Workforce Planning Process. Copyright Numerical Insights LLC

Strategic Workforce Planning Process. Copyright Numerical Insights LLC

Times have changed and the world moves at a much quicker pace that it has in the past. That makes it even more important to plan your workforce. If you don't, you may:

  • Get caught without the skill sets your company needs to execute your strategic goals,

  • Get stuck with obsolete skill sets that you no longer need,

  • Accidentally downsize the skills you need when your company becomes financially challenged,

  • Find that your workforce cost is increasing faster than your revenue forecast, and

  • Risk a large loss of knowledge if your baby boomer workforce resides in key job roles.

The types of risk that exist in your workforce are numerous and exceed the few examples shown above. Strategic workforce planning is about identifying the biggest risks in your workforce and setting plans to address those risks before they impact your business substantially.

Workforce planning is unique to each company because each organization, each location, each business unit and each functional area will have different priorities when it comes to the magnitude of the risks identified. This is why Numerical Insights works with clients to customize solutions for workforce planning.

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