The Power of Information

Numerical Insights LLC

The Power of Information

We turn data into better business results

Numerical Insights is a boutique consulting firm specializing in solving business challenges using data. We understand many of the business problems that companies face today because our team members have all been there. We also understand that a data-driven approach to investigating those problems is the best way to augment "gut instinct" and give you the best chance of problem resolution. Providing data access and visibility to your team members enables better decision making. This drives better business results.

Whether your challenges are in operations, manufacturing, inventory, marketing, product demand or human resources, Numerical Insights will help you clearly define your issues and work with you to implement the right analytical solution. 

We turn problems into solutions with the right process, people and technology.

We Listen

When you engage with Numerical Insights, we begin by listening. We want to fully understand the problems you face before we propose an approach to a solution. We want to know what keeps you up at night and what holds you back.

How We Can Help Your Business

  • Reporting: Create online or offline dashboards to put data and information at your fingertips
  • Metrics: Assess the metrics your business leaders need to see
  • Data Management: Assess the state of readiness of your data
  • Analytics: We go beyond traditional dashboards to offer customized problem analysis
  • Speaking Engagements

Let's Connect

We can help you use data to answer key business questions. To start a conversation with us, just click on the word Contact in the menu bar.



Charlotte, NC, USA



+1 (901) 500-6916


Why Numerical Insights?

  • We have a solid methodology for approaching business challenges.
  • We provide personalized and customized service.
  • We have 25+ years of experience in analytics, HR, supply chain, manufacturing and engineering.
  • We listen to our customers!


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