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Analytics for a diverse talent pipeline

While many companies have good intentions when it comes to increasing diversity, most have struggled to make a difference over the past few years. The key to meeting your diversity targets is to understand the underlying patterns in your organization.

We use analytics to understand these patterns. We then educate you on where you can make the fastest difference in the composition of your workforce. We work with you to set realistic diversity goals and action plans.

Case Study: A global technology company was struggling to increase the diversity of its workforce for several years. They used Numerical Insights to analyze their data, create custom predictive models for diversity and to develop ongoing dashboards to monitor progress. This company is now increasing its gender diversity 10 times faster than before.

Measuring fairness

The topic of diversity receives a large amount of attention. Much of that attention is a misunderstanding of how to interpret diversity data. The reporting of the gender pay gap is one of those misunderstandings.

We use statistical methods to test for fairness in the hiring process, promotions, performance reviews and salary bands. We also examine the differences in how different employee groups answer feedback surveys.

  • Use statistical data to mitigate potential legal action

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your diversity efforts

  • Monitor ongoing progress

Added challenges for STEM companies

STEM companies are under public attack for a lack of female employees. But sometimes, what appears to be a gender issue is being driven by something else. We’ve worked with several big-name clients to explain the real factors behind a perceived gender bias. Using statistical techniques, we can provide a robust analysis and create a fully-transparent report that you can release to your employees and the public.

Case Study: A global e-reader/tablet company wanted to provide full transparency of gender participation of its workforce and salary distributions to its employees and the public. They hired Numerical Insights to conduct a full analysis of gender distribution and fairness of hiring, performance reviews and compensation.

Tracey at Numerical Insights has been invaluable to two of our projects now. Her ability has been to identify what we needed and then complete that on-time with great precision and accuracy. A joy to work with, and highly recommended.
— Neil Burrows, Director First Health Solutions Vancouver, BC, CANADA