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Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning:

The Right People, in the RIGHT place, at the right time…

and at the right cost

Times have changed and the world moves at a much quicker pace that it has in the past. That makes it even more important to plan your workforce. If you don't, you may:

  • Get caught without the skill sets your company needs to execute your strategic goals,

  • Get stuck with obsolete skill sets that you no longer need,

  • Accidentally downsize the skills you need when your company becomes financially challenged,

  • Find that your workforce cost is increasing faster than your revenue forecast, and

  • Risk a large loss of knowledge if your baby boomer workforce resides in key job roles.

The types of risk that exist in your workforce are numerous and exceed the few examples shown above. Strategic workforce planning is about identifying the biggest risks in your workforce and setting plans to address those risks before they impact your business substantially.

Workforce planning is unique to each company because each organization, each location, each business unit and each functional area will have different priorities when it comes to the magnitude of the risks identified. This is why Numerical Insights works with clients to customize solutions for workforce planning. 

Strategic Workforce Planning: Online Class

Strategic workforce planning aims to proactively put the right people, in the right place, at the right time at the right cost in order to mitigate workforce risk now and in the future. The dynamics of a global economy have made strategic workforce planning one of the "most sought after skills in Human Resources today."

This class is based on the book, Strategic Workforce Planning: Guidance & Back-Up Plans and will:

Teach you the framework of strategic workforce planning

  • Provide you with multiple implementation approaches

  • Outline how to successfully sell the concept and tell you what to do if selling the concept fails

  • Demonstrate ideas for measuring success

  • Clarify the connection to other HR functions

  • Discuss how to define the roles and responsibilities

  • Show you practical tools and approaches for successful implementation

  • Outline the major challenges facing strategic workforce planning leaders today

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What Our workshop & online Students Say

"Simple and practical."

"If you are looking for a straightforward guide to strategic workforce planning, this could be it. Brings together ideas from lots of sources with pros and cons."

"I've been through a number of workshops, formal training events related to SWP and have always come away with a different perspective or tool to use for the groups I support as a business partner."