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College Reports (Degrees, Gender Diversity and Ethnicity)

College Reports (Degrees, Gender Diversity and Ethnicity)


Are you still recruiting from the same schools that you used 10 years ago? Do you need to find and brand your company to a more diverse college graduate pool?

Within U.S. companies, balancing the diversity of the employee population has become very important, especially within the Tech industry and STEM job categories. Numerical Insights can provide you with a custom report on U.S. colleges and universities to answer questions like:

  • Where can I find female software engineers? Female mechanical engineers?
  • What is the ethnic diversity of all universities offering a certain degree?
  • Where can I find students with a certain degree that we need for the future of our company?
  • Where should I focus my time for on-campus recruiting events?

A custom report from Numerical Insights can help you strategically target the schools that have the right graduates for you. The report can provide you with data for specific degrees and if needed, a gender and ethnicity breakdown of the graduating classes. This report provides a total count of each category.

Data reports are available for the academic years ending 2015 (finalized data) and 2016 (provisional data).

Reports are available for as little as $495 USD. Actual pricing depends on your specific needs. If you need a large number of these reports, ask us about an annual subscription to NI's Online Data Portal where you can look at as many schools and degrees as you wish.

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