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Tracey Smith provides informational sessions on a variety of business topics at conferences, seminars and private corporate engagements, primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Her presentations combine strategic ideas with real-world examples making it easy for participants to apply the material in their own businesses. Audience sizes have ranged from small corporate groups of 20 up to audience sizes of 500.

Numerical Insights LLC charges a "speaker fee + travel expenses" to speak at your event. A signed speaker agreement is required before we guarantee specific dates.

Sessions can also be delivered to your audience by webcast for those who wish to accommodate a remote or widely dispersed audience.

Some representative speaking topics:

(Session descriptions are at the bottom of the page)

  • HR Analytics: An Introduction to Data-driven People Decisions

  • Business Analytics: Applying Analytics throughout Your Company

  • Do-it-yourself Strategic Workforce Planning

Session Topic: HR Analytics

Duration: 60 minute breakout presentation – lecture style

Session Title: Finding the Strategy in HR Analytics: Linking HR to Business Value

Description: HR Analytics has been identified as one of the top 5 concerns for HR across the globe yet 86% of companies admit to having no analytics talent in HR. Join Tracey in this session to learn how HR leaders can leverage HR analytics to make better talent decisions and connect HR data to business outcomes.

This session is based on the book, “HR Analytics: The What, Why and How

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the maturity level of HR Analytics in your own company

  • Understand how to select the right metrics aligned to your business objectives

  • Learn the steps for performing an effective analysis

  • Gain an understanding of how to design a valuable dashboard

  • Connect HR results to business results to demonstrate HR’s value

  • Learn practical examples of how other companies are making decisions using HR Analytics (real world examples)


Session Topic: Business Analytics

Duration: 60 minute breakout presentation – lecture style

Session Title: Business Analytics: Applying Analytics throughout Your Company

Description: Today’s world is characterized by rapidly changing technology and large quantities of data. Companies that survive are the ones that use data to their advantage. Join Tracey in this session to take a lap through different functional areas to see how each department is using data to provide value to the organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • See practical examples of how companies are applying analytics throughout the company

  • Learn the options of how to structure analytics teams for your company size

  • Understand how to align metrics to the business objectives in each area

  • Determine your options for technology solutions


Session Topic: DIY Strategic Workforce Planning

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours – lecture style

Session Title: DIY Strategic Planning

Description: Strategic workforce planning (SWP) is about identifying the biggest risks in your workforce and setting plans to address those risks before they impact your business substantially. SWP is unique to each company because each organization, each location, each business unit and each functional area will have different priorities when it comes to the magnitude of the risks identified. Join Tracey to learn how to implement SWP without breaking the budget by learning how to DIY your workforce planning.

This session is based on the book, “Strategic Workforce Planning: Guidance & Back-up Plans”

Where we’ve spoken

Oracle, Nuclear Industry Group, The Regional Airlines Association, The Atlanta Area Compensation Association, Omers Ventures - Canada,  Tech Summit - Canada, HRPA - Canada, Granite State Human Resources, HR Leadership Summit, Tucana - United Kingdom, Capital Associated Industries, Talent Management Alliance, The Human Capital Institute, World at Work, DataDriven Business, Wellesley Information Services, UNCC Data Analytics Frontier, Duke University, Society of Human Resources

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