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Members are Special

This page is dedicated to all of the small business owners in the world who would like access to analytical tools, templates and educational videos but don’t have the budget to engage us on a 1-on-1 project. We think small business owners are pretty special, so that’s why we’ve created a membership page on Patreon to make it easy for members to sign up and interact with our content. Our membership community is a way for small businesses to share in the cost of developing these tools for all members.

What does it mean to become a member of the Numerical Insights community?

We have three membership tiers which we’ve named: Linear, Polynomial and Exponential

LINEAR members get free access to our eBooks and hear about our new video launches before we announce it anywhere else.

POLYNOMIAL members get the LINEAR benefits PLUS access to tools and templates as they are created AND the ability to suggest what we create next for our community.

EXPONENTIAL members get the LINEAR and POLYNOMIAL benefits plus email access to Tracey Smith to ask brief consulting questions.

Visit our membership page to join the community today.