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Gender Gaps in the Workplace: Facts and Science

Gender Gaps in the Workplace: Facts and Science


PDF Format

In the past few years, the topic of gender gap has received great focus in the news. Unfortunately, there is often a large difference between fact and opinions. This document aims to present scientific research on gender gaps to provide companies with a better guide into the absence of women in certain professions and leadership positions. Armed with this knowledge, companies can align their diversity goals to realistic expectations.

This document was written for two audiences. The first audience is a business audience that would like to be educated on a wide range of findings without spending dozens of hours searching academic literature or reading a 300-page book.

The second intended audience is the general public. With a massive amount of misinformation circulated by popular media, this document is also intended to assist the public in separating fact from opinion regarding gender gaps. Only then, can society focus on actions that have a greater chance of improving the position of women in the workforce.

What’s Inside? A quick introduction to female participation in the workforce and leadership positions will be presented. The remainder of this document will discuss several categories of studies that have been published from the 1980s to 2018. These categories include: Career Choices, Confidence Levels, Competitiveness, Desire for Promotion, Flexibility and Family, Biases, and Organizational Climate and Support.

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