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The Data You Need, When you Need it... and Always Up-to-date

To make great decisions, you need access to the right information. We put that information all in one place and we take care of keeping it up-to-date.

spend your time solving problems instead of gathering data

There's no shortage of great data out there to assist in you in making good decisions about your business or workforce. The problem is, most of that data is stored in multiple places, it doesn't come in a nice, usable format and it gets updated as frequently as every month.

Numerical Insights has you covered with our portal solutions

Our portals provide the data you need in user-friendly dashboards that are always up-to-date. Here are just a few features of our portals:

 NI Data Portals: The data you need, when you need it... and always up-to-date

NI Data Portals: The data you need, when you need it... and always up-to-date

  • A mobile friendly environment
  • Subscribe to dashboard updates and set your favorites
  • Set alerts to know where certain data reaches a specific value

Looking for our pre-made workforce Data Portal? it contains the following information:

  • UK Gender Pay gap infromation
  • Worker wage ranges and the number of workers reported in each occupation (U.S. data)
  • Economic indicators to help you determine how your salary bands should move this year (U.S. data)
  • Gender diversity dashboard showing the "percent of the workforce that is female" (Over 100 companies located in the U.S., Canada or globally)
  • Educational degrees granted for each institution, by degree type, subject, gender and ethnicity (U.S. data)
  • General workforce demographics and employment / unemployment data (U.S. data)

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