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In many areas of the company, employees are spending a lot of time gathering data and manually analyzing it... usually in a spreadsheet. Adhoc reports will always be requested, but for frequently gathered data, customized data visualizations in a dashboard portal can save considerable time and effort.

Whether it's a data visualization to be used internally to make data-driven decisions or a portal you would like custom-branded to provide clients with access to reports, Numerical Insights can suggest and construct a solution.

A few features of our online dashboards:

NI Data Portals: The data you need, when you need it... and always up-to-date

NI Data Portals: The data you need, when you need it... and always up-to-date

  • A mobile friendly environment

  • Constructed on a Microsoft Power BI or Tableau framework (your choice!)

  • Customized branding to make the solution look your own

  • Ability to provide data, dashboards and "not so data friendly" files (PDF, PPT) in one portal

examples of data we've use to create custom portals:

  • Human Resources survey data (multiple survey types)

  • Business data (product profitability, customer profitability, inventory usage rates)

  • Business spend data (procurement)

  • Used aircraft sales data

  • UK Gender Pay gap information, employee gender diversity

  • Worker wage ranges

  • Economic indicators (used by HR and Supply Chain)

A sample dashboard built on Power BI is shown below.

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Sample Dashboard

This sample dashboard is to demonstrate some of the capabilities of Power BI. These dashboards can be embedded inside a branded log-in controlled web portal.

  • Note that tables have scrolling capability.

  • Clicking on any data segment will filter the entire page to show data only for that segment. Click on the same segment again and the filter will be removed.

  • Click on the blue column of Coach 5 again and it will remove the filter.

  • Hover your mouse over any of the data segments and a window appears with additional information.

  • If you look at the bottom, you will see that this dashboard has more than one page. Click the arrows to move to another page to see additional data visualizations.