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CRN Sample Page

Dashboard with Power BI

This sample dashboard is to demonstrate some of the capabilities of Power BI. We selected just a few fields, so please excuse us if the context of a graph doesn’t make sense. This is just to show you what we can do.

  • First, note that the table on the right has scrolling capability.

  • Next. click on the blue column for Coach 5 in the bar chart on the left. All other visualizations on that page will filter to show only the records to do with Coach 5. The table of names on the right side will also filter to only show those people linked to Coach 5.

  • Click on the blue column of Coach 5 again and it will remove the filter.

  • Hover your mouse over any of the blue columns (in the graph on the left) and it will display the quantity of the data. For example, if you hover over the bar for Coach 3, it will show you that the value is 15.

  • In the ring chart in the bottom-left corner, hover over the light-blue segment for Call Center. This should show you the numeric value as well as the percentage of the total that this one segment represents. Click on the light-blue segment for Call Center and it will filter all other charts to show only data records that have Call Center as their business area.