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VIDEO SERIES: Business Survival Analytics

Learn How to Use Data Analysis to Improve Your Business: Videos

Numerical Insights is pleased to provide a video series to help business owners and leaders understand how to use data to reduce costs, improve processes and make better business decisions. This series teaches you how to use data analytics and data visualizations to improve business performance. Typical topics in this series cover business analysis, supply chain analytics, understanding the impact of variability and human resource/people analytics.

Episode 1

How Growing Companies Can Fail: Understanding the Cash Flow Gap

82% of small businesses fail due to a lack of cash flow management. This video will teach you the concepts of Order-to-Pay, the Cash Flow Gap and how analytics can be used to address this business challenge.

Episode 2

Managing Volatility and Uncertainty: Sources of Variability

Managing the ups and downs of business (variability) is more than managing sales. Every business has multiple sources of variability that impact business success. This video will describe multiple sources of volatility in your business and how taking a deeper look into your data can help you manage the uncertainty.

Episode 3

How to Examine Supplier Delivery Performance: Mitigate the risk

Suppliers will make or break your business. Variation in supplier delivery times can affect both the success of your operations and your company reputation. This video teaches you how to use data analysis to see true supplier performance so you can take action to minimize the risk they create.

Episode 4

How to Increase Your Profit with Product Rationalization (Ep. 4: Business Analytics Series)

Improve your profit with an analysis of product and customer profitability. If you’re the owner of a business that carries a large number of parts or SKUs, you can use this video to answer key business questions.

How do you know if a product is profitable? How much does each product contribute to your bottom line? Should I keep offering and supporting each product? How do you know if you’re losing money on some of your products? If you are, can you just stop offering those items? (HINT: Sometimes it’s not that simple.)