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Tracey Smith is the author of several books and online classes that are available worldwide. She has also been featured in popular magazines such as Huffington Post, Inside Supply Magazine, Supply Chain Management magazine, Leadership Excellence Essentials and HR Strategy and Planning Excellence Essentials, and Supply Chain Digest. 

Readers describe Ms. Smith’s books, articles and class as clear, concise and easy to understand.

Tracey has a way of explaining a complex topic in a simple, easy-to-understand way.” Diane H. VP HR, Healthcare Industry

This page is a list of resources to help you learn about areas of analytics. Books are available on Amazon and our online courses are hosted on Udemy.

The Strategy of Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

Metrics are one of the simplest tools to measure the success of any business area. They require no heavy mathematical lifting but their trends can provide great insight when selected properly in alignment with business goals. This eBook presents practical guidance for selecting, classifying, prioritizing and presenting metrics and KPIs. This is a guide for those who would like to start using metrics today and want to know what you need to consider from a real-world point of view to avoid common mistakes. A brief library of metric examples is provided at the end the guide.

Data Driven Decision Making for Small Business

Online Course:  Business Analytics.  Click here to view the course .

Online Course: Business Analytics. Click here to view the course.

The reader of this book need not be a mathematician. This book is intended for the business-minded individual interested in learning about the strategic advantages which can be obtained from business analytics. Small Business Trends magazine reported that, "you don't need to be a Fortune 500 company with revenue in the stratosphere to benefit from the application of business intelligence. A simple analysis of data your business may already be collecting could hold the answer." Perhaps you would like to reduce your inventory, determine product and customer profitability, gain insight into customer ordering behaviour. Perhaps you would like to know where you are spending your business dollars or how to determine if your cash flow is getting better or worse. Is your business becoming more or less efficient as it grows? Perhaps you would like to predict upcoming retirements to determine the impact of the baby boomer generation on your organization. This book will present some of the simpler approaches to data analysis and will show the value of these analyses to business. The intent is to show the reader what is possible rather than teaching the mathematical techniques. From simple to the more advanced, this book will deliver a series of analytics suitable for anyone wishing to take their business to the next level. I will present a series of real-world case studies from various functional areas, the majority of which will be conducted with every day software that most businesses already possess. The book will go on to examine the advantages and disadvantages of trying to build these capabilities in-house and will provide a realistic view of the challenges associated with analytics in the business world. Finally, I will provide some advice on data analysis and visualization tools. Specifically, I will focus on the tools that are available to the reader for prices that are in line with typical office software.

Strategic Workforce Planning: Guidance and Back-up Plans

Online Course:  Strategic Workforce Planning: A Beginner’s Guide.  Click here to view the course.

Online Course: Strategic Workforce Planning: A Beginner’s Guide. Click here to view the course.

Strategic workforce planning aims to proactively plan to put the right people, in the right place, at the right time at the right cost in order to mitigate workforce risk. Written by the former head of global strategic workforce planning for FedEx Express, this basic introduction guides the reader through the planning framework and presents practical tools and approaches for successful implementation. In addition, it discusses some of the major challenges of implementation facing leaders today.

HR Analytics: The what, Why and How

Online Course:  HR Analytics and People Analytics 101:(A hands-on beginner introduction).  Click here to view the course.

Online Course: HR Analytics and People Analytics 101:(A hands-on beginner introduction). Click here to view the course.

Updated in 2019, this book introduces the topic of HR analytics and the business value it can create. A brief history of HR analytics is provided along with the topic of selecting metrics to encourage desired business outcomes. Dashboard design and the two most popular tools for custom-made dashboards are presented. Practical examples are described that are easy for a beginner to understand. Some of the challenges of introducing analytics and building analytics teams are discussed.This book is not intended to teach mathematics, statistics, or scripting languages used in analytics. It is intended for a non-mathematical audience to understand the value of HR analytics. It is not designed to educate the expert that conducts the analysis.

Gender Gaps in the Workplace: Facts and Science

In the past few years, the topic of gender gap has received great focus in the news. Unfortunately, there is often a large difference between fact and opinions. This document aims to present scientific research on gender gaps to provide companies with a better guide into the absence of women in certain professions and leadership positions. Armed with this knowledge, companies can align their diversity goals to realistic expectations.

This document was written for two audiences. The first audience is a business audience that would like to be educated on a wide range of findings without spending dozens of hours searching academic literature or reading a 300-page book.

The second intended audience is the general public. With a massive amount of misinformation circulated by popular media, this document is also intended to assist the public in separating fact from opinion regarding gender gaps. Only then, can society focus on actions that have a greater chance of improving the position of women in the workforce.

What’s Inside? A quick introduction to female participation in the workforce and leadership positions will be presented. The remainder of this document will discuss several categories of studies that have been published from the 1980s to 2018. These categories include: Career Choices, Confidence Levels, Competitiveness, Desire for Promotion, Flexibility and Family, Biases, and Organizational Climate and Support.

The Best if yet to Come: Expert Advice on Building the New HR

The Human Resource function is under pressure to migrate out of being a tactical function and into serving the business in a strategic role. Yet, year after year, most HR teams struggle to move forward. Why is that?This book is intended to help you understand the strategic journey on which HR finds itself today. Through research and interviews with expert leaders, this book outlines HR's past, the experiences of the present and the challenges of the future. Hear from today's leaders how they have succeeded in moving their HR functions forward.Experts weigh in from current and past leaders of TD Bank, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Press Ganey, Edison International, the State of Arizona, GP Strategies, Siemens, Merck, American Express and GE.