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How to Measure Supplier Performance

Taking the time to assess supplier performance is crucial since suppliers can make or break your business. Supplier reliability and flexibility have become performance factors that are just as important as price in order to protect your business reputation and top line. Setting up a method to monitor key supplier performance factors and studying demand patterns can help provide insight into supplier issues and set up a good path for reducing risk of the supply base on your company.

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How to Reduce Stock-out Frustration

To solve your inventory challenges, you went ahead and purchased an inventory management system. The software vendor demonstrated great capabilities to you and you thought your problems were behind you.

You took the time to add all of your part numbers to the system, your list of suppliers and their contracted lead times. The inventory system went live, your employees were all trained in how to use it, but in the end, you’re still experiencing unexpected stock-outs, displeased customers and frustrated customer service reps. Clearly, your new inventory software doesn’t work, right?

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5 Ways to Use Data Analytics to Boost Your Bottom Line

Big data and data analytics are two of the hottest topics out there today. They come with promises of delivering business insights and high returns, but they also come with challenges for those new to the field. As a consultant in analytics, the most popular comment I receive from companies is, “we have so much data but we don’t know what we should be analyzing.” This article will provide business leaders with several tips on where to apply data analytics in order to impact the bottom line. The key thing to remember is that the value of analytics is not in the data. It’s in what you do with that data to make better business decisions or solve business challenges.

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