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Better Employee Relationships with Data Transparency

While the implementation of GDPR has yielded additional transparency of data usage to employees, the voluntary transparency of additional employee data can be highly beneficial in strengthening the employee-employer relationship.

For example, in recent years, Numerical Insights has helped several large companies analyze a variety of gender-related questions.

  • Do we promote fairly across gender?

  • Do men and women leave our company in equivalent proportions?

  • Do men and women respond to our engagement survey in the same way?

With a great deal of gender-related stories in the media communicating misinterpreted information, employees make assumptions about employers’ actions that can put employers in a negative light.

Increased Trust Though Data Transparency

We are also seeing a trend in increased levels of transparency regarding information such as pay bands.

  • How are pay bands established?

  • How do they remain competitive?

As a final example, companies providing services to Human Resources such as coaching and workshops are proactively setting up self-service dashboards for their clients to see the effectiveness of their services.  

  • How are employees performing in terms of completing their coaching goals?

  • How effective are these services in the opinion of employees and managers?


Self-service Dashboards for Data Communication

Being fully-transparent with employee information can greatly reduce the inaccurate perceptions of employees and strengthen the employee-employer relationship by increasing trust. Of course, there must also be a balance between what is revealed through transparency and what is protected by privacy needs.

Progression of Data Visualization Tools Has Improved Transparency Capabilities

Data visualization tools have come a long way in allowing dashboards to be embedded in internal web sites, external web sites with login capability and in SharePoint sites. The cost of these tools has decreased substantially over the last few years making several options available to companies regardless of size.

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