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HR Leaders: Use Data to Focus Your Resources

Like all functional areas, HR teams are “resource limited.” You are limited by headcount, budget and time. That means that you, the HR Leader, must decide where your people should spend their time in order for your team to maximize its value.

There are many inefficiencies that can be eliminated in HR’s workload and with the use of the right data, your team can focus its efforts and eliminate wasted time. Let’s look at some simple ways to save time by adding focus to what you do.

Suppose you need an entry level statistician. It’s doesn’t matter which job role we pick for this example. The approach works for all roles. Are you recruiting all of your new graduates from your “usual list of schools” regardless of role? Are you recruiting only from local schools? Or are you using data to focus your efforts?

Looking at some quick university / college data, we can quickly see which schools produce graduates with statistics degrees.

In a similar regard, if it’s a more experienced person we need, we can check the U.S. Labor data to see where most statisticians reside. This will help illuminate whether you have a good chance of finding someone local to your office or whether you will need to look farther away.

Seeing how many of each occupation reside in each location is also valuable for business leaders who need to open up a new office. This type of information is one input into the consideration of where your new office should be located.

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Tracey Smith is an internationally recognized business author, speaker and analytics consultant. She is one of the most highly respected voices when it comes to business analytics and HR analytics. She is the author of multiple business books and hundreds of articles in a variety of publications. Tracey has worked with and advised organizations, both well-known and little-known, on how to use data analytics to impact the bottom line. If you would like to talk to Tracey about consulting work or speaking engagements, please visit  or contact Tracey Smith through LinkedIn.

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