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Stop Chasing Data: An Easier Way to Get What You Need for Your Workforce Strategy

The Current Problem

Your workforce strategy comes as a result of analyzing the gap between the workforce you need in the future and the one you have today, i.e. you have followed the process of Strategic Workforce Planning. Part of that process will involve determining where you plan to obtain the workforce you need, how much they will cost, will you "buy, build or borrow" talent to get that workforce, etc. Several of these activities require seeking and analyzing certain data sets outside of your company's own computer systems. In the U.S., that might be labour data, new university graduate data, unemployment rates and inflationary indicators... just to name a few. In Canada, the same data might be spread across the national statistical web site pages and the associated provincial sites.

These sets of data are located on various internet sites and can greatly assist in making strategic decisions about talent. The problem is, much of that data changes (i.e. is periodically updated) and because it is spread across multiple sites, strategic planners have to bookmark many pages and track when the next updates will come. It's a very time consuming process to track the update schedules and to constantly re-download the raw data files.

Much of this data isn't exactly in a nice, user-friendly format either. It's typically CSV, XLSX, TXT file formats or native database files which aren't very pleasant to manipulate into something user-friendly.

That's why we worked with strategic planners and experts to create the NI Data Portal.

The NI Portal Solution

Our portal provides the workforce data you need in user-friendly dashboards that are always up-to-date. Here are just a few features:

  • —Access worker wage ranges and the number of workers reported in each occupation

  • Access economic indicators to help you determine how your salary bands should move this year

  • Access our gender diversity dashboard showing the "percent of the workforce that is female"

  • Access educational degrees granted for each institution, by degree type, subject, gender and ethnicity

  • Access general workforce demographics and employment / unemployment data

  • Access it all in a mobile friendly environment

  • —Subscribe to dashboard updates and set your favorites

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Tracey Smith is an internationally recognized analytics expert, author and speaker. She is one of the most highly respected voices when it comes to business analytics and HR analytics. She is the author of multiple business books and hundreds of articles in a variety of publications. Tracey has worked with and advised organizations, both well-known and little-known, on how to use data analytics to impact the bottom line. If you would like to talk to Tracey about consulting work, the NI Data Portal or speaking engagements, please visit or contact Tracey Smith through LinkedIn.

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