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% Female of the Workforce

With gender diversity being a popular issue in several countries, Numerical Insights has been actively researching where well-known companies sit in relation to the metric "percent female" of the workforce. We've even managed to collect information from several companies showing the percent female of the workforce, management and the Board.

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% Female of College Graduates

With many companies actively recruiting younger and more diverse talent, it helps to know the gender and ethnicity of prior graduating classes. This helps focus your recruiting efforts in the right places and to set realistic diversity targets.

Contact us today if you need to know gender and ethnicity counts for specific degrees in U.S. colleges.

Custom Benchmarking Reports

If there are certain metrics that you would like to benchmark against a group of companies but you would all like to remain anonymous, Numerical Insights can act as your third party data collector, work with the group to define standard metrics definitions and issue a comparison report to each participant upon completion of the project.

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